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Game-loving : Kingdoms of Camelot

With Global Warfare developer Kabam operated again the more demanding players on Facebook. Already the first title, "cheap koc gems" was of strategic game-loving Facebook users gratefully accepted, as he carried his draft could be the mass of the rather shallow social games behind. Global Warfare takes the same line as the spiritual predecessor, but goes a step further and has been further developed. By limited resources creates more depth, while Global Warfare calls but also the "social play" of the players, as alliances have to deny themselves in order to conquer resources.
  At the beginning of the cheap koc gems is to rebuild a ruined city, in order to build all kinds of buildings for his own army.This includes buildings such as commodity-producing oil wells, as well as universities for research. By discovering new technologies their own troops and the production resources are partially improved. Once the army is strong enough, it is sent out to fight other players. For this, we give a general commanding a march, the head of a player from the specified number of troops at a determined opponent. The player for cheap koc gems does not actively involved in the battle, but merely waits for the outcome of the fighting.
  It would have been nice if the battles would have been interactive. Even so, one of the most demanding Global Warfare and entertaining games on Facebook. Anyone who has a PC with Starcraft and Command and Conquer had fun should definitely audition.

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Emross war gems cheap: Battle for the North

For some time, there is the bold Emross war gems cheap: Battle for the North
In the appscoin store. As the appellation has not yet accustomed any absorption from us, we wish to accomplish up this quickly. Emross war gems cheap : Battle for the North( appscoin ) is an online action game. You accept Arthur, allowance the half-brother of the abandoned queen, body the commonwealth in arctic Britain again, as it destroyed by your enemies, and the applicable baron was murdered. Now it is up to you to re-establish a advancing commonwealth and the abundance of your subjects. Construct barrio such as huts, billet and Rittersääle. Concern for the accumulation of raw abstracts and body automated barrio that can action and abundance them. And of advance do not overlook the military, alternation your troops and body defenses, so you're not renewed attacks helpless.
Thanks consistently renewing quests you can acquire added assets as rewards, and so advance the advance of your city-limits on. In addition, you should set up alliances with friends, not abandoned in the action adjoin adversary players to stand. There are advertent a lot and to be acquainted so you can actualize the a lot of able commonwealth in the country. Emross war gems cheap: Battle for the North ( appscoin ) can be as accepted app downloaded from the appscoin. The bold is based on the free-to-play, so it can be played for free. You are too abrupt and wish to move faster or alleviate appropriate building, can you gems to alleviate the basic bill of the bold via in-app purchase. But this is not actually all-important for the gameplay. Us anyhow like Emross war gems cheap: Battle for the North ( appscoin ) absolutely well. And aswell in the appscoin, it is an boilerplate of 4 stars as a appraisement abroad actual neatly. A absolute affection is that the bold can be offered in German, and so aswell played after ability of English.

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Facebook strategy games: Kingdoms of Camelot

<p>Kingdoms of Camelot is one of the few Facebook strategy games so in classic medieval garb. Once it has been decided before King Arthur, if you want to be a lord or a lady, you can build his own kingdom, attack other players and work your way to the most powerful and the most powerful Lord Lady in Camelot. In typical style strategy game can be in addition to the construction of various buildings create and train an army and attack the residences of these other players.</p>
 <p> At the beginning of the Kingdoms of Camelot is the kingdom of a single small town with a castle. In the first four days, the city of the player is "puppy protection" - and can not be attacked by opponents. This time should be used to gather resources such as wood, stone and metal and to colonize the city and expand. After that, the user in Kingdoms of Camelot has to defend against other lords and ladies. It is helpful, together with other players to form alliances and thus join forces to put down his enemies.<p>

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Shop for Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems

Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems: Battle of the North is a Appspiel of Kabam . In this strategy game you have to build the castle of the player and the city around it resettled, are like these types of games usually constructed and upgraded. Ensure that enough of the needed resources are available, is one of many. Tasks the player Outside the city walls, the corresponding types of buildings are built to resource depletion. In addition to the Urban Planning is also the need of warfare for which you can build a lot of different forces such as archers and catapults.These can then be trained to fight in the more powerful and effective. In the process taking place in real-time battles are going on but not only sends troops but have carried a hero (leader with special abilities) to accompany.Users can build their players in Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems : Battle of the North also be improved by rising levels.alliances and raids
  Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems
: Battle of the North can come up with a huge game world with thousands of players who like to expand themselves, their city and troops digging. In advanced stages, it will eventually collide with other players. Besides the peaceful arranging it can also lead to real-time battles.
  For a peaceful coexistence or for advantageous for both parties forming alliances has Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems
: Battle of the North an integrated mail system. Thousands of existing alliances also invite you to join. Tips and Tricks
  Every beginning is difficult. Our tips are the best consultant of a successful ruler.
  First tip: In Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems
: Battle of the North is fighting a lot, attacks on their own city are commonplace, so you should Empower accordingly. As a first measure should first a warehouse (storage house) constructed and this will be expanded to level eight. With attacks such a good part of the resources to be protected from looting.
  Second tip: to defend the city with troops and those risking it is worthwhile only if many resources are at stake, or you are sure to be superior to the enemy. In this case, the gates are made from closed to open.
  Third tip: Spend gold. Anything that goes beyond the maximum capacity of the warehouse should be spending where possible. Gold can also send joys and alliances. Therefore, it makes sense to a teammate, whose storage capacity is not fully utilized, for example, to change the function of a bank.
  Kingdoms of Camelot cheap gems
: Battle of the North is free to play. If you like what you spielerleichternde benefits acquired through fee-precious stones (gems).

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building of an independent kingdom in the test

Emross war: Battle for the North was published in December, we took a look at the game now more accurate.
  After a few updates, the universal app is now in version 9.0 on the App Store for download and can be installed for free on iPhone and iPad. In Emross war has to set up his own kingdom, to satisfy the needs of the population, trade with other kingdoms and occupy another area.
  Initially, there is an extensive tutorial, which introduces into the game. Everything is available in German, a few small errors in translation are in place, but since you can safely see over it. Initially, only the own castle stands in the UK, it must further huts, fields, quarries and another to be built. To construct buildings can, of course needed resources such as wood, stone and gold, which can also be reduced.
  On the lower side of the display you will find his quests where you should shimmy along to the game to progress quickly. In addition, it is important to conduct research and train warriors to guard against attacks. Who by the way, setting up an account can save game and get additional gems.
  It soon becomes clear that swift games is not possible, because after the first buildings to wait up to 30 minutes are not uncommon. If a warrior is sent to the training, you have to wait even 1 hour and 36 minutes. The whole course can be accelerated, but you have to make it fast expensive in-app purchases.
  The graph of Emross war
is okay, but you can still work on the focus and adjust the graphics better on the retina display. The game is very long, but you should bring a lot of time if you really want to make any in-app purchases.
  Emross war
: Battle for the North can only be played with an active internet connection, as you pull against real players in the fight, or can also trade in goods. With the game you can really spend many months. Overall it is a nice game, but the negative aspects mentioned for many could certainly be a major reason that no Langzeitmotiviation arises. Then we bind you nor our video (YouTube link ) to one game.

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